Frankfurt School Fail

This Forbes article suggest that perhaps the cultural Marxists may be loosening their iron grip over popular culture: Architecture Continues To Implode: More Insiders Admit The Profession Is Failing   Advertisements

The True Costs of Driving

From the Atlantic: Car owners don’t come close to covering the price of maintaining the roads they use. A report published earlier this year confirms, in tremendous detail, a very basic fact of transportation that’s widely disbelieved: Drivers don’t come close to paying for the costs of the roads they use. Published jointly by the…

Remember to Add Jobs

New Urbanism’s Economic Achilles Heel, at … a town or a city needs three key elements to be healthy. Firstly, a sense of place that includes the sacred is important to people to provide a basis for spiritual involvement. The city must then be able to reliably deliver safety and security to its inhabitants in…

Tilt-Up Stone Masonry

Tilt-Up Stone Masonry A Technological Lift to the Ancient Art of Stone Work by Thomas J. Elpel

Street Layouts

Urban Fabric and Form Comparisons, at  

Let’s Build a Village from a Parking Lot

From Andrew Alexander’s blog: My most popular blog piece, without contest, is Let’s Build A Traditional City (And Make A Profit). I could not anticipate the feedback I would receive – countless emails over the past two years saying “Tell me when you build this, and I’ll move there.” It kind of surprised me how…

Sprawl Retrofitting

From Do You Really Believe That?, by Kevin Klinkenburg at Better Cities & Towns: So yes, I do believe that sprawl retrofit is not a wise approach for new urbanists. I’d say, let’s keep it simple – let urbanism be urbanism and let sprawl be sprawl. Let each rise or fall on its own accord…