Progress: Rail

3724 If residents can travel by rail, the use of cars and roads can be further reduced. The preliminary town plot plan will provide space for a rail line and station on the edge of town, in the area between the 200 acre living space and the 50 acre industrial space.

The placement of a town that has rail service will depend on the location of passenger rail service in Oklahoma, which is limited just now to one round trip per day on the Heartland Flyer Amtrak Service between OKC and Ft. Worth. Not very useful for daily commuters but things may change:

TxDOT’s Oklahoma-to-South Texas Passenger Rail Study Pulls into Arlington Today

Texas-Oklahoma Passenger Rail Study

There are plenty of railroads in Oklahoma:

OKDoT: Oklahoma Railroad Map

but there is no light rail anywhere in the state.

The radius for a return or balloon loop should be about 750 feet, a 1500 foot diameter. A perfectly circular 250 acre town would be 3724 feet in diameter.


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