Tracy Gayton and the Piscataquis Village

Yestern I discovered that a former banker, Tracy Gayton, is looking to build a 125-acre village town of his own invention in central Maine using the incremental approach.

Website: Piscataquis Village Project.

Pinterest: Piscataquis Village.


Nov 23, 2014: Tracy Gayton Proposes a Car-Free, Self-Sustatining Village in a Rural Setting.

Aug 17, 2014: Fellowship for Intentional Community – Piscataquis Village Project.

Mar 22, 2013: Permaliv – Piscataquis Village Project Spring Update.

Nov 23, 2012 video: A Carless Rural Village: Tracy Gayton at TEDxDirigo.

Feb 28, 2012: Cap’n Transit Rides Again – Really Narrow Streets Need Good Trains.

Feb 22, 2012: Piscataquis Village: Building A Car-Free Utopia In The U.S. Can America import the idea of small, car-free villages from Europe? One determined banker in rural Maine is going to find out.

Feb 8, 2012: An Urban Experiment in Rural Maine.

Feb 3, 2012: Maine Town to be Car-Free!

Jan 27, 2012: “Really Narrow Streets” Project in the Planning Stages in Maine.

Du liebe Zeit! Using the interwebs with this service in SW Oklahoma is like using a bad dial-up service. I could go faster with a potatoe.  Super-fast, reliable internet is a necessity for Frisch.




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