Nov 18, 2015


  • Ordered Village Towns – The Next Step.
  • Finished reading through the How to Build a Village book.
  • Began at page 1 of A Pattern Language. I read this years ago for my Architure degree (didn’t finish) and while working at Fox Architects. Reading now with renewed purpose. It is much more interesting and inspirational than I remember. Every page is packed with profound insights into human nature and useful ideas for improving our environment. I find it difficult to read more than a page or two before I am distracted by exciting new ideas of my own. I suppose I was too inexperienced before to appreciate it.


  • Added a few more bullets to Benefits page.
  • Updated menu, and About and Contact pages.
  • Added About Frisch page which summaries the project scope, purpose, goal, mission, and slogan.
  • Uploaded pics to library. Deleted Pics menu and page, and moved the Pinterest link to the bottom of Village Towns page.


  • Changed focus of website from village towns in general, to developing a particular town.
  • Named the town Frisch, which is German for fresh.
  • Came up with a corny slogan: Start fresh. Come to Frisch!
  • Almost got caught updating the blog at work. Played dead. Boss sniffed me for awhile then moved two cubicles down to maul a coworker.

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