Nov 15, 2015

Reading, Videos

  • Reading Claude Lewenz’s book, How to Build a Village, and watched his videos. Great ideas, presented very clearly. I love this idea, partly because it is similar to my own ideas I have had for the last three decades. I also love it because the whole concept seems to have been well though out, and Claude seems very sincere at wanting to make this it happen.  I have a growing number of questions.


  • Read through the website.
  • Tried to sign up on the website several times. Forms didn’t work. The form boxes weren’t even labeled properly. What does this mean? Do they have more interested parties than they need or can handle? Are they bummed because the project doesn’t work or taking too long? Are they wondering why no one is contacting them?
  • I started my own website. This will help me organize my thoughts and provide a launching point if I decide to go forward.

Deep Thoughts

  • According to Claude, a VT does not reach critical mass — id est, it cannot be self-supporting — until it has at least 5000 residents. The town needs to spring into existence else it be just another suburban development with long commutes and no local jobs. To eliminate this startup risk, at least half of the future business and residential tenants must commit to the project before applying for the loans to begin formal planning. Whew.
  • The first step is to explain the idea as clearly as possible to as many people and businesses as possible and get commitments. Need 2000 head-of-households,  500 small businesses, and 10 medium businesses. Whew.

— Rusty


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